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Hello, my name is Michael Weissenbacher! I currently work as systems engineer and i'm developing e-Business solutions. I have a master's degree in computer science which apparently shows that i'm very technical person. I hate forgetting things, but i do very often. So i created this site as reminder for me and as a journey through my work. This site is a collection of projects i've done so far. If you want to know more things about me then visit my Personal Information Page.

I maintain and run this server Just for Fun in my free time since the year 2000 and can still offer performance, uptime and availablity comparable to or better than commercial solutions. If you are a non-profit organisation, a band, a Michael Jackson fan, an unincorporated association or simply a private person interested in web space feel free to contact me per mail: "mw ät dermichi.com". I am sure we can find some kind of mutual arrangement.
>Online projects
   > https://www.kaernten.at/
   > Gebrauchtmaschinenmarkt Agro-Webknecht
   > Singleplanet

>Customers i did projects for (loose collection)
   > Kärntnermilch
   > Karnerta
   > Kärntner Messen
   > Mazda Rainer
   > Pro Mente Kärnten
   > Mountain Resort Feuerberg

>Websites made and/or maintained by me
   > Austrian Michael Jackson Fan Club
   > Juvenale 2009
   > Michael Jackson's House
   > Film & Videoklub Villach
   > DIS Film

>University of Klagenfurt - where i studied informatics (in German)

>Other sites hosted here
   > ASKÖ Basketballclub Villach
   > Fotoeck

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